Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old MacDonald Had A Toucan

So we had the callback at the Smarty Pants Preschool today. Did I mention I paid them a one hundred dollar application fee for the pleasure of hauling my kid there for the third time today? In the snow?

It was fine. Really just fine.

But at one point they were all having rug time and singing "Old MacDonald" (yeah, pretty sure that's the same song they sing at all the non-smarty-pants preschools, too) and each time it was the moment to name an animal, the next kid in the circle got to come up with the animal and say what sound it made. The first kid said cow (totally easy to be the first kid--cow is such a gimme). The second kid said pig (and the Bean was the one who chimed in that the pig says oink--totally out of turn but still cute and game and okay annoying to that kid's Mama but still cute). The third kid apparently said horse but honestly only her mother could translate that one. Then it was the Bean's turn. "And on that farm he had a..." And the kid who just leapt up and oinked out of turn, paused, stared at the rug, and said very quietly "cow." Yup, and cow had so clearly already been done.

But they are nothing if not accepting at the Smarty Pants preschool so everyone mooed again.

Then we got to the last kid. "And on that farm he had a..."

"Toucan!" exclaims the kid.

Show off.

In case you were wondering, a toucan says "squawk."


Bex said...

I'm sorry, are you saying that your preschool has CALLBACKS? Like, auditions? There's something truly weird about that. Yet another reason I probably shouldn't live in NYC.

My sister lives in Brooklyn, and her baby is nearly two. Which means they have to go through the school audition process pretty soon. Way too much pressure!!

Good luck. At least you didn't cheat and whisper the name of some exotic animal in her ear. Toucan? I sense underhanded parental involvement :)

Wendy said...

Only for the Smarty Pants Preschool. The others took slightly less application money and just had us come in for a group playdate. The Smarty Pants Preschool isn't messing around. I think your sister is in for it in Brooklyn too--from what I've heard things are as insane there as they are here. And the schools are pretty wonderful too, so she should have lots to choose from.