Monday, December 29, 2008

Peppermint Peeps

Ok for the record, Peppermint Christmas Peeps are kinda yarfy. And I loves me some Peeps. Anyone who knows me knows I loves me some Peeps. I get them for all seasons from loving friends who see new designs and pass them on to me. I eat them. Sometimes I microwave them for ten seconds or so. I enjoy them.

Friends of mine even worked Peeps into a production of a Shakespeare play (I think it was "Alls Well that Ends Well") just as a private joke for me.

I even like the websites about Peeps. Have you seen this Peep Research page? A bunch of scientists do all kinds of experiments on Peeps. Mostly to see what, if anything, will destroy them. As it turns out, pretty much nothing will destroy the eyes.

I am most fond of the original Easter Peeps. The chicks. In yellow. But I like the bunnies a lot too. I have had the Christmas trees Peeps, the Jack o Lanterns Peeps, a giant Valentine's heart Peeps, and now...the Peppermint Stars Peeps. And I think this is the first variety that has ever had some kind of additional flavoring. And as aforementioned, it's kinda yucky.

But I still ate two.

Even though I'm trying to detox a bit from holiday binging.

I get very sad when the holidays end. I like the idea that a day can be special just because it's in late December and a few days before an even more special day. I like the idea that a time of the year or a date on the calendar is special just because it is. And it always is every single year. And when that special time ends I get a little sad. Like my mother and my grandfather, I start thinking about Spring just after my birthday passes in early January. I start looking through seed catalogs. I note that the days are indeed getting minutely longer. I think about vacations.

And I ponder Peeps. Because eventually, the Easter ones will come.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

List of Things I Have Burned Since Giving Birth

A partial list.

  1. 12/7/08 Roasted Sweet and Regular Potatoes
  2. Wednesday before Thanksgiving '08 Sweet Potato Biscuits
  3. Lentils
  4. My Arm (after burning the lentils)
  5. The Black & White Sandwich Cookies I was Making for the Nieces and Nephews

I will continue adding to this. It's getting ridiculous.