Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lock Up Your Craft Scissors

Note to all you Moms out there, if you don't have any hairdressing training or experience, take a moment before you take scissors to your child's bangs. Even if they are full of toast and yogurt and spit and gunk and getting in her eyes...start very very very very small. Or better yet, take her to someone with some training and expertise.

Do not...I repeat do what I did.

I am tormented by this brief horrible moment with a pair of craft scissors and a Winnie the Pooh comb. I snipped her bangs once before in her short life. Just a tiny bit. A wee itty bit. And it was fine. How did i manage to turn her into Moe from the Three Stooges?

How do I solve this? Do I take her to a real haircutting place and have them try to fix it? Honestly, I can't bear to tell anyone that I did...this.


cyberpenguin said...

Not to worry. Thankfully hair grows back. ;-)

Chalk it up to a lesson to tuck away for future reference.

Solution: Put a cute hat on her head, one in which you can hide/tuck away her bangs!

Wendy said...

thank you. nonetheless i am traumatized. :-)

Kai said...

Awwww! No worries, it will grow back and she'll be good as new!

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