Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bangs Week 3

How's the diet going?

(While eating a brownie) Not well. This afternoon I binged on organic vanilla alphabet cookies.

At least the baby's hair is looking better.

Those vanilla cookies friggin rock.


Kai said...

Looking good! I totally think you are coining a new baby look here.

Where are the cookies from? They sound divine!!

Mutha Mae said...

She's so freakin adorable and don't hate me but the bangs make her even more squeezable!

Thought of you tonight. I went to trim my 1 year old's bangs and she zigged and I zagged and cut a huge chunk right from the middle. they are shorter than your first bang update. My child has Dumb and Dumber hair!

Wendy said...

the cookies are from the baby section of the supermarket. they have cookie monster on the cover. they are "very vanilla."

thanks mae. i'm so sorry that you had a similar hair incident. you must post a photo somewhere so i don't feel so bad.

Jessica said...

She is so cute she can pull anything off Wendy. So don't sweat it. I did try to cut Jaqlyn's bangs yesterday but all my scissors were too blunt, maybe it was a sign?