Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Horror of Her Birthday

It would appear that turning three is a nightmare.

I don't remember so I can't really say.

But the hot mess of misery my Bean has been since Monday...the actual DAY...and today...the day that Doc Hubby and I are hauling 44 tons of shit to the park for a party for hopefully four kids but we'll see if one gets lost on the way since his Nanny has no idea how to find a street and a cross maybe only three.

I mean cupcakes suck. Presents suck. Making your own pizzas sucks. Pizza sucks. Spray parks suck. Parties suck.

We apparently suck the most.

No wonder she's so miserable.

Terrific threes, huh? Someone text me when they arrive.

I just heard a kid wailing from the street below. Five stories down. Pretty sure that was her.

I'm about to go sweat off the ten pounds of weight I have gained this summer. Except that I'll simultaneously put twice as much on eating cupcakes and tiny whale fluffernutters.

Oh and finally. Sarcasm doesn't work with three years olds. So my biggest weapon is basically rendered useless.


K said...

Oh looking forward to that! I hear you on the sarcasm though...argh!

Yoon said...

It was such a sweet party! M exclaimed, "it was a GREAT party!!" while walking out of the park. Bean is lucky to have you two as parents.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much Yoon. The Bean just adores M so so much. And I do think it went, but definitely fun. I'm so glad you were there. And K, just you wait. Holy Cow. Maybe it's different with boys (I have heard it is) but three is so much more *intense* than two! Sheesh