Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Look What My Kid Did With Her Tub Crayons Post

I swear this was not my idea. I am a mere observer.
With toes like these? Smarty Pants Preschool here we come.


Little Miss Moi said...

OMG! Yay, another mum who doesn't have a bath and bathes her every growing girl in a baby bath! My husband is putting SO MUCH pressure on us to move just because we don't have a bath. He's worried it might affect her in some way we can't imagine. I keep telling him it's just a bath, there will be no ongoing repercussions. Sheesh!

Wendy said...

Yup! I love this bathtub for so many reasons. It's actually really quite big and says it's good for kids through age 3! And I like the fact that we don't fill a tub with water--better for the environment. But just tonight actually my husband and I looked at her in the tub and said it's gonna be time to move her to the grown up tub soon. I love it that your husband is worried about it. Tell him that there is this amazing thing you can sign your kids up for called: swimming lessons!