Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet My Fake Husband

Friends, meet my fake husband, Doc B. Hubby:

Ok because I'm a crazy person and alone here in San Francisco and bored, I googled my fake husband the marine biologist. And I have to say, this picture from his professional web page (which I have absolutely no permission to reprint but since I am not revealing his identity or linking to him in any way shape or form will hopefully not offend him on the off chance one of his marine biologist friends is googling cool pics of sea lion families and comes across my page and emails him to say "dude, that righteous picture of you holding the shark is on some girl's blog") is awesome.

Now as it turns out, my fake husband and real husband have quite a few things in common. My real husband also has khaki shorts. And he is also a Red Sox fan. He too, likes to fish. Though more often than not we eat the fish he catches, and my guess is that Doc B. Hubby studied, but did not eat this fish. Then again who knows. I also have asserted it was a shark and really, I have no idea what kind of fish it is, other than a darned big one.

Here is the pic from my actual husband's professional web page.

I'm gonna be honest here. Not as awesome.

However in Doc D. Hubby's defense I can offer this photo:

Or this one (I have no idea who that woman is with him):

Or even this one:

But really, I think the only thing I can do is to offer a picture of my own to my fake husband. Doc B. Hubby, you can post this picture on your website at any time, without asking. It's yours.
Your Fake Wife


K said...

Hilarious! I actually see a bit of a resemblance (although it's hard to tell with that hat and facial hair.

Jendi said...

I'm sorry you are missing your family, but I'm loving that you are writing on your blog! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I've been dying of curiosity to know what your husbands look like. Really. Couldn't sleep. Okay, I was mildly interested in what your doc hubby actually looks like; and if the little girl looks like him.

Love the new design. Last time I came over from the reader it was still black.